multiplicative thinking…

A bit of professional knowledge can go a long way, particularly when beginning to think about multiplicative thinking. I have seen a little of what has been coming from the photocopier, so I am guessing it is part of planning for a number of Year level teams.

While I go to Clarke and Sullivan for fractions, Dianne Siemon is the person to deepen your practical knowledge for multiplicative thinking…along with a dose of Booker. (Do the other authors of the book get peeved with such casual reference to one of the four authors?)

Not unusually our own Department website has links to help you as well.

Below are the links to help you on your way!

Dianne Siemon first, you have probably seen these but you really should start with these two resources that complement each other.

image         image

Of course it helps to design some useful pre testing, the Department has a link to tools to use to identify common misunderstandings.


This text link takes you to further links for other Levels.

Here are the individual links for the Level 3 tools: Countable Units tool, Additive Strategies tool, Sharing tool, Array and Regions tool, Cartesian Product tool and Proportional Reasoning tool.

Finally here is The Learning and Assessment Framework for Multiplicative Thinking. This document describes key characteristics that link to teaching implications and a vast array of resources.