Cairn Gorm conquered…

It was a very close thing however. This was the hardest climb I have done in Scotland. Only 2 of us finished because the conditions were so intimidating. Poor Emma kept being blown off the path!

When you see the video you might realise why.

See if you can find this place on Google Maps…by the time you read this I will have been driving in France on the wrong side of the road, and if you have a Flag Counter you will see a new flag on your blog.



can you find Cammock Lodge…?

We have been in Scotland for a couple of days now. We went for a long, wet, boggy walk along part of the Cateran Trail yesterday.

We are staying in a house called Cammock Lodge.

The address is PH11 8PF. Can you find the house on Google Maps?

Good luck because the address only takes you to the start of the road that the house is on.

Here is a photo of the front yard to help you.




I am at District Athletics today…

Don’t forget to check your group and the teacher you will be with.

Take your bag AND tub with you. Ms Westerman will lock the room after you leave.

One person in your group can show the teacher you are with, this blog post.

Complete these in this order.

Independent reading…update your reading log and record the during the text question you had and the answer you found

Go to Leon’s and Ridley’s blogs and read their projects. Leave a Yellow Hat comment for both of them. Don’t forget to read any other comments first so that you can use the ‘reply’ button if it makes sense to.

Banjo Paterson’s Mulga Bill’s Bicycle…continue the Explain Everything with the third verse and learn the first four lines of the last verse! You should now be able to recite the first and the start of the last verse

If you are not ready for a red pen edit you need to complete…Compass Rose and Who Discovered Australia?

Project I love…continue to research and organise

Banjo Paterson and the $10.00 note…finish your research and create an information poster using Comic Life, Pages or Keynote.

Maths Online…complete the new tasks I have set

See it you can complete more than 5 levels of Cyclop Physics

Treasure Map…by yourself complete directions, 6 only, the usual start and end point using the photo you took yesterday of the school map

Do not leave comments but visit Mr Helpern’s blog to see if they are back at school, and visit this blog to explore any of the Year 4 class blogs




start with  independent reading…

  • record your evidence in your diary

then move on to your spelling…

  • AFTER that is done choose a spelling App to play with for 10 minutes

continue writing your student led presentation…

  • introduce each Term 2 learning goal, and explain how you are going to show how you can prove you achieved it
  • organise how you will show this evidence

bridge building..

  • go here and follow ALL links
  • then go back and make sure you have read the information that goes with each stage of the building challenge
  • create a Comic Life with an example of an arch bridge, a beam bridge, a suspension bridge and a truss bridge

project you love…

  • continue preparation, NO publishing

Maths Online

  • there is a task that has been set for you with quite a few lessons to work through


  • go here and then here to find out about some of those words the BFG uses
  • choose one and create a poster that includes an explanation AND why you love it