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Check back here as resources will continue to be added…

iParent has been launched by the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner. This link will take you the homepage where you can find the resources for iParent.



Ten great tips, every teacher should know!


Cyber Safety Tools and resources from the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
Cyber Safety Tools...Dept. of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy

eSmart is an initiative of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation.

Think-U-Know is the latest addition to these resources, it has been developed by the Australian Federal Police.

Stay Smart Online is an Australian Government initiative that will support families so they can be online safely.


From Common Sense Media, a website that provides common sense information for families. It includes reviews of films, television, games, music, websites and books.


From Cyber[Smart:], another Australian Government resource…


Netsmartz aims to educate, engage and empower children and families on and off line.

Be Web Smart provides lots of tips on the latest Apps, websites and social media. It is as it says, for the analog parent, or teacher, in a digital world!


10 thoughts on “cybersafety resources

  1. Ryan May 20, 2011 / 9:45 pm

    Great information.

    • Tim Rogers May 22, 2011 / 12:27 pm

      Hi Ryan,
      the Common Sense Media site has lots of tips for Mum and Dad. Don’t forget to let them know.
      Mr Rogers

  2. Mika May 22, 2011 / 5:06 pm

    I have been looking at the cybersafty sites and i find them very interesting.

  3. Olivia 6A May 23, 2011 / 7:56 pm

    Hi Mr Rogers
    I find this site very interesting and the links are actually quite helpful! I am going to get my mum and dad to take a look and see what they think.
    From Olivia 🙂

  4. Toby May 23, 2011 / 8:19 pm


    Mum liked the infomation and believes that parents should know what kids are doing online even now she next to me telling me what she thinks.


  5. Cindy May 24, 2011 / 5:12 pm

    Good to keep updated on how to keep kids safe.

  6. Ryan May 24, 2011 / 6:32 pm

    Mum checked out the sites and she thought it was packed with some great information.
    She found it very interesting.

  7. Rhys May 24, 2011 / 10:36 pm

    Great to see this type of information so well presented and so readily available.

  8. Jarrod May 25, 2011 / 8:08 pm

    Hello Mr Rogers,
    The Cybersafety resources page explained clearly how to avoid Cyberbullying. I shared the Cybersafety resources page with mum and dad. My brother was surprised to find out that when you delete a comment it can still be seen by other people.

  9. Lily.s March 7, 2014 / 10:42 am

    Hi Mr Rogers,

    I thought that the animal from the bully bull ring show for me was The..elephant I thought the zebra was so funny

    Have a nice day and don’t be a bystander 😉

    From: Lily

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