the importance of the beginning…

I cannot overstate how important the first few weeks of the school year are. A focus on the deliberate planning and time for building relationships, behaviour and routine expectations can set you up for a great year.

Below are 5 links that can get you thinking about how to approach the Positive Start Program we use here.

Ms Fintelman Teaches is a new blog I have been reading and I would suggest you read Why I Hate Classroom Themes before How to Let Your Students Set Up Their Own Classroom.

Cult of Pedagogy is a favourite of mine. Two posts that have some great links to the ideas of Michael Linsin are When Students Won’t Stop Talking and Classroom Management 4 Keys To Starting The Year Off Right.

The last link is from Vicki Davis and her The Cool Cat Teacher Blog, it is a podcast with Linda Kardamis about the Five Mistakes Teachers Make The First Week Of School.

Make the most of your first few weeks this year!

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